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What we do..

Powering Your Freedom to Travel 

Helping travelers from all over Australia enjoy the freedom to travel wherever they desire with green, energy-efficient solar power and LED lighting solutions, 12 Volt Solar Systems is a family-owned and operated retail and wholesale business based in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

To enable you to “Make Power and Camp Longer”, our solar installation and LED solutions extend to an extensive product range to suit all caravans, campervans, motorhomes, vehicles, boats, camper trailers and camping applications. 

All products are available through our online store, at our Hervey Bay showroom and workshop, and at events across Queensland. If you need assistance sourcing the right solution, our expert team members have in-depth knowledge of the wide selection of solar panels, controllers, regulators and systems, LED lighting applications, batteries and 12 volt accessories we stock and can help you choose the right solution for your needs. 

At 12 Volt Solar Systems, our entire team is focused on ensuring that not only do we supply a great range of products, but that we also make sure the suppliers and brands are first-class, ensuring you get long-term support and excellent value for money. We work off what we know and have tested ourselves, and work extensively with new products, testing and monitoring to gauge how they work in the real world in real-time. 

Whatever your solar or LED requirements, we’ll help you power your freedom to travel with cost-effective, energy-maximising solar and LED solutions. As part of our full suite of services, we provide solar power system installations on all caravans, campervans, boats and trailers (as well as small sheds and workstations) as well as the installation of:

  • Driving Lights and Spotlights

  • Dual Batteries

  • Electric Brakes

  • Radios and UHF Equipment 

  • Small Stand Alone Systems

  • Solar Installs

  • 12 Volt Accessories

  • Full Range of Cable

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