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Product Features:

Nominal Voltage 12.8v

Resting Voltage 13.3v

Charging Voltage 14.4V

New Automotive-Grade Prismatic Cells

Safe, Powerful, Long-life LiFePO4

Built-In Smart BMS Protection

Automatic Cell Balancing

Charge Current: 10A - 50A

Max. Charge Current: 120A

Max. Discharge Current: 120A

3000+ Cycles, ~10 Year life

Operating Temp 0°C - 65°C

Lightweight - 13.9KG

495mm x 250mm x 65mm

Heavy Duty Steel Case

Space Saving Wall-mount Design

Removable and Rotatable Mounting Brackets

Optional Carry-bag

LCD Display

USB-A and USB-C with switch and cover

Accessory Socket with cover

2x 50A Anderson plug (grey)

1x 120A Anderson plug (grey)

All Anderson plugs Input & Output

Bluetooth Monitoring (Xiaoxiang APP)

Parallel Connection Yes

3 Year Warranty



The Dingobox DB-SL105 is still the most compact Slimline LiFePO4 Lithium Battery available. Weighing just 13.9kg and measuring 495mm x 250mm x 65mm, you’ll save valuable storage space and still have a safe, reliable, and steady power source for all your travelling and camping needs.


The Slimline battery features 3 Anderson plugs used for Inputs & Outputs, USB sockets, Accessory socket, and LCD display. You can simply connect in parallel with Anderson plug links to increase your amp hour capacity. This unique shaped battery is perfect for tight spaces in RV’s, caravans and 4WD’s, such as in canopies and behind seats.


Dingobox Lithium Batteries feature high-performance Prismatic LiFePO4 Automotive Grade Cells, and are supplied fully protected by a sophisticated Solid-State Battery Management System (BMS), that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the battery is always optimised for performance. Unlike AGM, GEL, or lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 is safer, lighter, and offers much more usable power and very long service.


Best used for:

Dual battery systems in vehicles

Vehicle canopy wall installations

Behind or under vehicle seats

Remote camping, hiking, and backpacking

Reduced weight applications

Emergency lighting equipment

Fire alarm and security systems

Charging portable power tools

12v applications at home or work



What’s included?

105AH Lithium battery

4x Removable brackets

8x Bolts for bracket fitting

4x Steel screws for fixing

4x Timber screws for fixing



Dingobox Slimline Lithium Battery - 105AH

GST Included

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